Cone beam computed tomography - Carestream 8100

Jordan Endodontics has incorporated new technology as of 2015 with use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

The Carestream 8100 uses smaller/limited field of view (FOV). These smaller scan volumes lower the dose of radiation when compared to medium or large FOV and also provide higher-resolution images. (5)

This allows the doctors to better assess the condition to help better understand the treatment options and prognosis.

According to the AAE and AAOMR joint position statement 2015 update:

Intraoral radiographs should be considered the imaging modality of choice in evaluating endodontic patients.

The following Recommendations for limited FOV CBCT scans are:

1.) Resorption

2.) Trauma cases

3.) Retreatment cases

4.) Contradictory or nonspecific clinical signs and symptoms of untreated or previously treated teeth.

5.) Assessing endodontic complications: overextended root canal obturation, separated instruments, and localization of perforations.

6.) Calcific metamorphosis or complex anatomy cases

7.) Pre-surgical treatment planning to localize root apex/apices and to evaluate the proximity to adjacent anatomical structures.

Jordan Endodontics Doctors and Staff are committed to continuing education and to provide optimal results using technology, expertise, and compassion to provide state of art care for their patients.

References :

AAE and AAOMR Joint Positions Paper 2015

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